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To Do:


[x] Background
  [x] Background Changer
  [x] Multiple Background
[x] Telephone Learning
  [x] Fill in the Blanks
[ ] Matching
  [ ] Visual w/ word
[x] Journal(Happy/Sad)
  [x] Reward System
[x] Score System
  [ ] Server Interaction
[x] Salutations
[x] Random Salutation
[x] Ask for Name
  [x] Name Persistence
[x] User Profile
  [x] Profile Persistence
  [x] User Name
  [x] Telephone Number
  [x] Score
[x] User Results
  [x] Review Score
  [x] Review Journal Entries


[x] Animation/Gestures
  [x] Floating Arms (Random)
  [x] Moving Eyes (Random)
  [ ] Moving Tail (Random)
[x] Happy
[x] Sad
[x] Waving
[x] Yawning
[x] Speaking(Mouth)
[ ]  Clothing/Apparel


[x] Look of Turtle
[x] Background(looks)
[x] Animation Refinement


       [x] Draw Objects for Matching Game
       [x] Make a Facebook blog/Other blogs?
       [ ] Poster
       [x] Video
       [ ] Website

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